About us

We design and manufacture our performance apparel with the attitude that function dictates form. This attitude is supported by us, listening to you and our drive to build smart designs into performance apparel. Daily, we practice the art of perfecting our fit to human form; and the complexity of function and how we simplify it, benefits you. We use only the best materials to make our products and if they don't exist, we create them.
Finally, as a business, we are forever dedicated to the timely delivery of our quality products to you, our customer; for you are the way to our future and
MOCEAN is your ride.

Our Commitment to you
MOCEAN's commitment has expanded beyond product quality to a very specific criteria. The criteria for the specialty outdoor professional apparel we make is that it must be perfectly suitable for daily use and must be easy to use and maintain. We are dedicated to keeping our focus on quality products and service as we grow to meet an increasing demand for our apparel. Our quest is for excellence and continuous improvement in everything we do. MOCEAN is made in the USA.

Technical Outerwear Fabrics 

The MOCEAN outerwear convertible system is for professionals who work routinely in unpredictable weather such as, Law Enforcement Officers, Security Guards, EMT's, Marine, Equine and Bike Patrol, etc. Our advanced fabrics and designs provide maximum protection and comfort for high exertion activities. The zip-in liners and jackets work together as part of a versatile four layer system. This gives you the ability to customize by mixing and matching your outerwear with your choice of fabrics and liners insuring 100% comfort in any situation.

Thank you for the valuable feedback and for affording us the opportunity to serve you.


MOCEAN is proud to outfit thousands of law enforcement professionals across the country! We look forward to working with you and your department. Please help by mailing your patches to the address below:

1611 Babcock Street, Newport Beach, CA 92663